Foster + Partners

South Beach Residences Foster + Partners

Foster + Partners is one of the most innovative architecture and integrated design practices in the world. Over the past four decades the practice has pioneered a sustainable approach to architecture through a strikingly wide range of work, from urban masterplans, public infrastructure, airports, civic and cultural buildings, offices and workplaces to private houses and produce design. Based in London, with offices worldwide, the practice has an international reputation, with buildings on six continents. Since its inception in 1967 it has received more than 620 awards for excellence and won over 100 national and international competitions.

Ideas can flow more freely when architects, structural and environmental engineers work together creatively from the beginning of a project. By doing so, they can combine their knowledge, and learn from one another, to devise sustainable, fully integrated design solutions. Alongside the architects and engineers are the many specialist teams whose expertise underpins our approach.

Our commitment to research and development has allowed us to bring our combined expertise to bear on an unprecedented range of projects around the world. Although design work tends to be focused in London, Riverside is just one of a network of offices that spans six continents and virtually every time zone. The practice reflects this rich mix of cultural connections; the team is young and cosmopolitan and together we speak some seventy languages.



South Beach Residences AEDAS

Aedas is a leading global architecture and design practice providing architecture, graphic, interior, landscape and urban design & masterplanning services within Asia, the Middle East, Europe and America.

The company is built on the belief that good design can only be delivered by people with a deep social and cultural understanding of the communities they are designing for.

With 1,400 employees operating in 7 countries around the world, our 12 global offices allows us to apply international expertise with local knowledge and delivery thus supporting the communities in which we work.


At Aedas, we believe that great design is diverse design. It’s a product of its environment. It’s design by people who intrinsically understand the end user. It’s also design that constantly challenges the status quo and looks to innovation and cutting edge thinking to push the boundaries of what’s possible.


We want to create world-class design solutions that are tailored to the needs of communities around the world.

To achieve this we have created a global platform for creative excellence in architecture. A platform that enables the best creative minds to plug into the information and delivery systems they need to produce extraordinary work all over the world.